Tomorrow, I wanna go skiing

in good snow
under the blue sky


How does it work? To prepare a ski outing, I would consult avalanche risks and weather forecasts. I would get informations on conditions from those who have been in the mountains the most recently. Thanks to aleaski, I can find all this information at the same place! Risks, avalanches and observations from the last few days, weather forecasts are displayed based on data that is - thanks to you - available on:,,,,

Get up to speed! aleaski doesn't tell me where to go, but it enables to make and take a well-informed decision. I can take a look and make my own mind up. Remain critical and careful.

If you do like me, please inform the tribe when you come back!

How is aleaski doing? It’s just started... Some nivôse stations are missing, only French Alps are properly covered (and Corsica!), and - as it's summertime - there is no avalanche risk report.

aleaski has access to all avalanches and outings from the last few years. It is supposed to display those from the last 5 days, but it's only displaying those from 16 to 20 of March 2011, to allow for some tests.

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